Direct Marketing Services

These difficult economic times have created tremendous hardships for the direct mailer. Competition, the cost of paper, printing, postage, and postal requirements, combined with meager responses, is probably forcing you to take a harder look at the bottom line.

Modeling, to better enable you to reach your buyer will help, along with offering Web accessibility to your products and services. Electronic marketing is yet another method that can position you in front of your prospective buyer.

The fact remains though, that there is still a large percentage of households that do not have access to or own a computer and must be solicited by mail.

The Data Dallas Corporation has been a mailing partner to Direct Mailers now for almost a quarter century. If you are tired or frustrated with being a small fish in a big pond, we invite you to come over and give our pond a try – you will always be a big fish in our pond.

Data Dallas Corporation offers data processing services for the direct marketing industry and specializes in serving catalog marketing firms. Because Data Dallas operates on a powerful IBM Enterprise Server, no job is too large or too small for our direct mail professionals to process quickly. Our competitive prices include free consultation and advice, fast, accurate turn-around and many “NO CHARGE” value added services. We utilize state of the art Group1™ and In-house developed software when providing the following related services:

  • List Conversion Processing
  • CASS Cycle N Certified Software For
  •   Address Verification
  •   LACS conversion
  •   Delivery point verification
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Duplicate Elimination
  • Cataloger oriented reporting
  • Postal Presorting – All Classes of Mail
  • Upper Lower Case Conversion
  • InkJet Formatting / Label Printing
  • Mailing List Management
  • Modeling / Overlays
  • List Rental Fulfillment
  • Back end analysis (no charge when Data Dallas performs your merge)
  • High Speed Internet/FTP Communications Service

Not sure where your direct mail responses are coming from? Data Dallas offers Back-End Analysis for your Untraceables. We will match your responder names to your As-Mailed names and identify the source of your responses, providing clear concise custom reports that will help you better target your marketing efforts.

Experience of Senior Project Managers, accuracy, competitive rates, a partnership attitude and many value added services are the hallmarks of DDC’s direct marketing capabilities. For additional information, contact Gerald Garcia at 214-638-2007 or go to our Contact Us form.