Internet Service Provider

Data Dallas Corporation is a full Internet service provider specifically engineered to support the demands of business users. We offer complete connectivity solutions. We also offer a full range of dedicated or shared hosting and web development solutions to fit your need. Give your customers and prospects more visibility and better access to you by choosing Data Dallas Corporation as your hosting solution provider.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to our Mainframe customers is the ability to access the Data Dallas host via your current Internet connection. This means that you can now transfer files to and from the Data Dallas mainframe and gain access to CICS and TSO via TN3270 session or secure TN3270 over SSL for added security.

DDC also offers server co-location on our network. This will provide you with a high-speed connection and freedom to administer your own server as you see fit. Servers are supported by a UPS backup power system and operators are on site 24 hours/day 7 days/week.

Data Dallas Corporation brings mainframe and telecom experience to the challenging and ever changing world of the Internet. Let us show you why we are the provider of choice. Go to our Contact Us page or call Gerald Garcia at 214-638-2007.